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Miracle Peel Microdermabrasion Cloth

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Product Description

Affordable, Effective Home Microdermabrasion

Don't waste $100s on clinical microdermabrasion or chemical peels...

Our Miracle Peel Cloth is an affordable, reusable home microdermabrasion treatment that combines microfibers with a proprietary weaving process.

The result is a soft cloth with phenomenal exfoliating capabilities for your skin. Our Miracle Peel Cloth is client proven to exfoliate dead skin cells, remove cosmetics, oil and dirt. It will also significantly reduce or even eliminate acne. The Miracle Peel Cloth gives a deep exfoliation without the need for any harsh chemicals or acids.

Plus, you'll save $100s. Clinical microdermabrasion treatments and chemical peels cost about $100 to $150 per treatment.

Simply use, wash and reuse our Miracle Peel Cloth for up to six months!

The Miracle Peel Cloth is so effective it rivals costly clinical skin peels in effectiveness.  It can be used anywhere on your body - acne, acne scars, fine lines, age and liver spots, callouses and even stretch marks (avoid sensitive skin areas such as the eyelids and genital areas).

"Skin felt and looked great after one use! Fast shipping too. Thanks." Rebecca S.

What Your Miracle Peel Cloth Does

It safely exfoliates the upper layer of your skin, which is called stratum corneum. This is the whole purpose of costly micro-dermabrasion peels and chemical peels (glycolic acid, salicylic acid and enzyme peels).

Skin exfoliation is a naturally occurring physiological process; dead surface skin cells, naturally slough off and reveal new skin cells. However, natural skin exfoliation sometimes needs assistance. For example, when the skin type is oily, the skin has difficulty exfoliating or sloughing off the dead skin cells due to the sticky nature of oil. When the skin type is dry, dead skin accumulates quickly creating a dull, grey appearance to the skin, in addition to inhibiting effective natural skin exfoliation and needed moisture absorption.

Unless you have exceptionally sensitive skin, mature skin or a skin disorder of some kind, you will benefit from regular skin exfoliation. You can gently yet deeply exfoliate your skin with our Miracle Peel Cloth.

Miracle Peel Cloth may improves:

  • Acne
  • Acne scars
  • Age spots
  • Blackheads
  • Brown spots
  • Discolorations
  • Dry skin
  • Dull skin
  • Stretch Marks 
  • Freckles
  • Fine lines
  • Hyper Pigmentation 
  • Red spots
  • Rough uneven skin
  • Scars
  • Sun damaged skin
  • Enlarged pores

Product Reviews

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  1. works well for mature, sensitive skin

    Posted by Carolyn Stockton on 23rd Feb 2014

    I have used this cloth once a week for the past 3 weeks. It makes my skin feel smooth and clean, and seems to minimize the pores on my nose. It will start to make skin pink, that is when I know to stop. I also use it on my knees, feet and elbows. Seems to be making a couple of brown spots disappear. Great item!

  2. Perfect for individuals that have sensitivities with soaps &/or cleansers

    Posted by Jill from Vancouver, Canada on 8th Feb 2014

    I 've used the clothes for many years now & it is always good to have a clean backup while the other is drying. I love them. I do not use soaps or cleansers on my face except to clean the clothes after each use. Using the cloth faithfully guarantees you a perfectly safe, cleaned face that keeps you free of blemishes & age spotsas well..

  3. Love this cloth.

    Posted by Unknown on 6th Feb 2014

    This cloth is great. Instead of scrubs, I can use this same cloth over and over. Then when it's exfoliating properties kind of wear out, it can be used as a regular washcloth. The BOGO offer with free shipping can't be beat. Almost forgot to mention…it works really well.

  4. My Skin Feels Great!

    Posted by Erica on 6th Dec 2013

    I liked this cloth the first time I used it. I could feel it really working!
    The only thing I'm not sure of is how often to use it. The packaging said to do the regimen every 7-10 day so I assume that means I can only use it once a week, maximum. But that doesn't seem like enough.

  5. amazing product

    Posted by irene gulla on 3rd Oct 2013

    I was surprised how well the cloth worked. My skin felt so smooth after using it.

  6. Love it

    Posted by Melissa on 3rd Oct 2013

    I was able to even my completion in a matter of weeks


    Posted by Unknown on 11th Sep 2013


  8. Face Cloth

    Posted by Pat Sharkey on 8th Mar 2013

    I am so glad I finally found a website for this face cloth. It is the best and the makeup comes off and your face feels good all over. Do not ever get rid of the cloth.

  9. Great Face

    Posted by Pat Sharkey on 4th Mar 2013

    I love this special cloth to use just for the face. I seems to clean so much better than any other cloth I have used in the past. It took me awhile to find and now I will know for the future. My skin is dry and with this cloth it revitelizes my face.

  10. Good Exfoliator

    Posted by Unknown on 30th Jan 2013

    I have pretty oily skin (face oily within 3-5 hrs after washing it), so my skin cells aren't able to slough off as easily. As a result, blackheads and a thin layer of skin cells are still on my face.

    I've used the cloth for nearly 2 weeks and it exfoliates really well. I don't have as many blackheads and the "layer" of dead skin cells on my face is nearly gone.

    I would recommend this product to anyone looking for a gentler, manual exfoliation method!

  11. No more dry flaky skin!

    Posted by Melissa on 28th Nov 2011

    The Miracle Peel Cloth works like a charm for me. I am in my forties, still dealing with mild acne, and just starting to wrinkle. I use retinols to help combat the acne and wrinkles, but I get terrible flaky skin as a result. I have brushed and moisturized enough to last a lifetime, but would just end up with red oily flaky skin. One minute with the Miracle Peel Cloth works wonders! No mare flakes, less break outs, no redness. I use it on my back as well. Love it!!!

  12. First Exfoliant I Can Use with My Sensitive Skin

    Posted by Barbie on 15th Jul 2010

    My skin is super sensitive and won't tolerate exfoliating cream scrubs or alpha hydroxy acids. Every time I tried one it would make me break out in a tiny rash due to the acid or the crystals. I was so excited when I tried this cloth as it works with just water. It doesn't irritate my skin and really exfoliates. Be careful - don't scrub too hard the first time - I had some redness and peeling.

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