Minerals Mate Mineral Makeup Mixing Tray

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Problem:  Love mineral makeup but hate the mess?  

Solution: Minerals Mate.  So simple...so indispensable.

Flip your lids.

Give yourself room to play with your mineral makeup with a Minerals Mate mineral makeup tray. Shake what minerals you need into the wells and have at it! The large wells are for your foundations, blushes and all-over treatments; the small wells are for eye colors and special-area minerals. Look, you're an artist! (And no more messy lids!)

Clear your complexion.

One of the wonderful things about the Minerals Mate tray is that it holds oil from your skin that adheres to the brush so you don't reapply it to your face! If you see what looks like a stain on your Minerals Mate, don't fret! That's simply oil residue. Just wash the tray with soap or astringent after each use and you'll be amazed at the results!

Mix it up or add shine.

Sometimes, that fabulous eye color you got just needs a little tweaking to go with that outfit. Or, you want to add a little sparkle for the night. With a Minerals Mate mineral makeup tray, you can change your mineral makeup for one use and save the original tones.
Make your own match.

Can't find the right shade or coverage from your favorite brand of mineral makeup? Don't despair! Use a Minerals Mate mineral makeup tray to mix your own shade or texture of foundation for a perfect match. It works great, too, for when you gain or lose that summer tan. You can purchase your own sifter jar, too, for storing your unique shades.

Finally, foil with ease.

Foiling is the ever-so-fun art of adding water (or saline solution) to your eye color for that magnificent metallic look. With a Minerals Mate tray, you can foil only a dab or two of your favorite eye shadows and keep your original tubs of product clean and dry.

Save makeup. Save money.

Ever dump too much makeup into the lid? How well does putting it back into the jar work for you? Use your Minerals Mate tray to store that leftover amount for the next application, slipping it safely and cleanly into its red palette pouch. You can also purchase a larger matching tote bag for storing and carrying your mineral makeup collection and tools.

Add key ingredients.

Zinc oxide and sulfur (or sulphur) are just two natural ingredients in many specialty mineral makeup treatments. Using a Minerals Mate mineral makeup tray, you can carefully sprinkle in these or other raw elements to meet SPF or anti-acne needs. Zinc oxide is used for UVA protection and sulfur is a natural anti-bacterial agent.
Wash your brushes.

The thumb rest of your Minerals Mate tray doubles as a brush wash! Just fill it with water and a clean-rinsing shampoo or brush-washing product, and gently swirl your small brushes against the ribbed surface. The larger wells of the palette can be used for washing large kabuki brushes. Our best tip: Wash your tray daily and your brushes weekly.

Be a less messy guest.

Traveling? Invited to stay a few nights with a friend? Don't leave a mess on the vanity by spreading your dusty makeup powder all over the place! Just pack a Minerals Matemineral makeup tray with you on your trip and leave behind you a nice, clean and, of course, beautiful reputation.

Using Minerals Mate for APPLYING minerals:

Shake the amount of minerals you want into the appropriate-size well(s). The large wells are best for foundations, blushes and all-over treatments; the small wells are for lip and eye colors.

Swirl your brushes in the wells as you did before with the lids. Use additional wells to manage any excess minerals until you get the right amount of minerals that you want on your brush. 

Use the rectangular-shaped well with the ribbed texture as a thumb rest for a secure grip on the tray. Or, use it as a scrubbing surface to gently clean your small brushes.

Using Minerals Mate for MIXING minerals: 

Shake multiple colors you want into a single well. Use a small brush or the spatula that came with your mineral makeup tray to create your custom color. 

Place any mixing medium, such as water, into a single small well. Put the minerals to be mixed or foiled into another well. Use a third well to mix those for the consistency you want.


For best results, wash your Minerals Mate Mineral Makeup Tray with soap after each use as the tray is made to absorb oil.