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what we do:

We make minimalist, non-toxic, cruelty free makeup for sensitive skin.

Why order sampleS?

It's hard to buy makeup online without testing it for color and irritation on your individual skin. With the Pick 4 Sampler, you get to choose four samples to try before committing to the full size product.

Samples are generous - typically lasting up to a week - and come in convenient jars that can be refilled for purse or travel.

What if I don't like it?

Don't worry! We stand behind our products 100%. If you're not satisfied, we'll refund your money. Yes, even for samples.

*We do not ship samplers outside the USA when ordered alone.


Having trouble choosing a shade? The descriptions and pictures below will help you choose the perfect shade for your skin tone. Keep in mind, any of our shades can be mixed to create your custom shade.

Light Warm SPF 30 Mineral Foundation For fair skin with yellow undertones that burns easily, has light freckling and/or some redness. The warm undertones in this shade help neutralize redness and discoloration.
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Light Cool SPF 30 Mineral Foundation For fair skin with pink undertones that burns easily and/or has light freckling. Light Cool works well for clients with light skin that find Light Warm too yellow.
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 Medium Light Neutral SPF 30 Mineral Foundation For medium light skin with neutral to yellow undertones with some redness, freckling or uneven skin tone (discoloration). Your skin may burn lightly then tan or may tan without burning. Medium Light Neutral is our most popular shade.
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 Medium Tan SPF Mineral Foundation  For medium skin with golden or olive undertones that tans easily. Medium Tan is a great summer shade for our Medium Light Neutral clients that have a light tan.
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 Medium Dark Warm SPF Mineral Foundation  For medium honey skin with golden undertones that tans very easily. Works on lighter skinned African American, Indian and Hispanic skin.
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 Dark Warm SPF 30 Mineral Foundation  For deeper caramel skin with neutral to yellow undertones.
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 Deep Cool SPF 30 Mineral Foundation  For rich espresso skin with deep yellow and red undertones.
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