A sensitive girl in a harsh world

Sheer Miracle was born in my kitchen in 2004 after a lifetime of searching for makeup and skincare that didn't irritate my ULTRA-sensitive skin.  I'd had it with irritation and breakouts and knew there must be a better way.


I took matters into my own hands

So I started experimenting with minimalist DIY beauty recipes at home. After many hours in "the lab" (and lots of trial and error), I ended up with pure, simple recipes - without all the harsh chemicals and preservatives - that were effective and got results.   Friends and family started using my formulas and loved them.  Then friends of friends started asking for them - and Sheer Miracle was born.

Sensitive skin sisters unite

There must be a lot of "sensitive" folks out there because the response to our simple product line has been humbling.  We've grown by leaps and bounds since then.  But our minimalist, green beauty products are still made weekly in small batches by real humans.

From our natural {many organic} ingredients to our sustainable, recyclable packaging, we keep it simple and eco-friendly.  Simple means our products are uber hypoallergenic. Fewer ingredients means less chance of allergic reaction - even on the most sensitive skin. 


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Non-toxic beauty products for all

Whether you landed here because you're frustrated with trying to find makeup and skin care that doesn't irritate your sensitive skin or you are simply concerned about the alarming number of toxic ingredients in most beauty products...you've found the right place.  All of our ingredients have been tested (on human volunteers, NEVER on animals) to be sensitive skin friendly.

Jane Pitte, Founder and CEO of Sheer Miracle Inc.




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