11 Causes of Dark Circles and How to Fix Them

11 Causes of Dark Circles and How to Fix Them

Big Jackie O sunglasses may give you that fashionista flair, but if you’re wearing them to cover up under eye dark circles, it makes a night out on the town darker than necessary.


Thanks to mother nature, there’s a whole swath of causes for these pesky suckers. For example, if you’re not sporting your Jackie O’s, sun exposure can cause your body to produce more melanin, darkening the circles. Aging, everyone’s favorite friend, also causes your skin to lose fat and collagen, exposing the oxygenated blood nestled beneath your pretty peepers.

Some of us (yours truly included) are the lucky winners of the genetic lottery that predisposes us to dark under eye circles and pigment irregularities. For others, it’s eczema and contact dermatitis. Allergies can also make dark circles worse, and so can rubbing your eyes (double trouble during hay fever season). Stayed up late binge watching the latest season of Portlandia on Netflix? That’ll do it, too. Don’t forget pollution, smoke, and sensitivity to cosmetics

Yikes! What’s a girl to do?


Chill out. Literally. Getting more rest will keep your skin from looking pale (which makes dark circles more obvious). If you also suffer from puffiness, try elevating your head with extra pillows to prevent pooling of fluids in your lower eyelids. Next, head to the kitchen.

Cool cucumbers, chilled teaspoons, or frozen peas wrapped in cloth can help reduce dilation in the blood vessels under your eyes. Save some avocado from your homemade guac to whip up a paste with almond oil and apply to your lower eyelids. The B and E vitamins can help lighten dark shadows. Snag a sprig of mint from your mojito and apply it to your dark circles—the chilling sensation of the mint increases blood flow. You can also use cooled green or black tea bags, which not only constrict capillaries because of the cold but also boast the (temporary) diuretic effect of the caffeine plus the anti-inflammatory properties of the tea itself.

Then before you out head out the door, make sure to use a moisturizer containing hyaluronic acid, like Sheer Miracle’s  Pure Hyaluronic Acid Serum (which helps plump up the skin below your eyes), and my favorite under eye concealer, Wide Awake Dark Circle Concealer, to make you look your best.

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