6 Health and Beauty Benefits of Gratitude

6 Health and Beauty Benefits of Gratitude

Gratitude is one of the most positive states we can experience. In addition to feeling really good, it can also bring numerous health benefits. When we feel our best, we also tend to look our best, so gratitude is a natural, green beauty secret as well! Here are six of the top health and beauty benefits of gratitude:

1. Enhanced Mood and Well Being

Being in a state of appreciation enhances your body chemistry and reduces states of depression and anxiety. Just thinking about things you are grateful for has an immediate positive effect on body chemistry. When you’re in a good mood, you glow from the inside out. A feeling of internal well being is one of the best natural beauty secrets.

2. Better Lifestyle Choices

Another study found a correlation between gratitude and more beneficial lifestyle choices, such as being more likely to exercise regularly, eat right and abstain from substances and other poor health choices. Gratitude breeds optimism, and this naturally leads to better health goals and decisions.

3. Improved Sleep

Research has shown we sleep better when we feel grateful more often. This is likely because people who are grateful tend to think positive thoughts as they fall asleep. This relaxes the nervous system and results in deeper, more restful sleep. Sleep helps your body’s cells and tissues to rejuvenate, causing you to be naturally more radiant.

4. Increased Patience and Willpower

Studies have also shown that a tendency toward gratitude enhances our ability to wait. This increases will power and impulse control, which results in less snacking and healthier meal choices.

5. A Better Relationship

Gratitude with your partner can also give you a better love life. One of the biggest relationship pitfalls is taking the other person for granted. When both of you commit to finding things to be grateful for about one another each day, you’ll feel happier, more connected and more satisfied in the relationship. And a better relationship means a healthier and happier you!

6. Increased Happiness

Not surprisingly, people who are in the habit of finding things in life they are grateful for also tend to be happier overall. This feeling of happiness and internal satisfaction is more consistent than in people who do not have the tendency to be grateful for what’s going well in their lives.

Resolving to be in a state of gratitude more of the time is easier than you might think. One of the most effective ways to increase your capacity for gratitude is to list three to five things that you’re grateful for each evening. You can do so internally or write them down in a gratitude journal. Writing down gratitude statements allows you to look back on what you’ve written the next morning as you start your day. This can help you to begin and end each day in a positive state of gratitude.

Whatever your style, strive to find things to appreciate about life each day. Doing so will enhance your health, happiness levels and your natural inner glow!