​7 Reasons Mineral Makeup Is Better for Your Skin

​7 Reasons Mineral Makeup Is Better for Your Skin

If you go to the shops or look online for new cosmetics frequently, you have undoubtedly seen an increase in the number of mineral makeup products available. Instead of the heavy creams and talc-based powders of yesteryear, the new push for minerals comes from a desire for more natural skincare and beauty products.

Is mineral makeup right for you? The benefits of these all-natural formulas suit women of all ages, skin tones, and skin types. Although some people still have the idea that you need liquids or creams to cover all your skin, mineral foundation comes in powder form. Also choose minerals for finishing powder, blush, concealer, skin tone correction, bronzer, and eyeshadow. The benefits for using these are many, but we will cover the top seven here.

1 – All Natural Ingredients

Forget petroleum, paraben, sulfates, and formaldehyde sometimes found in other cosmetic types. Choose mineral makeup because it is 100% natural. The Earth provides many different important minerals that not only smooths onto your skin beautifully but add important nutrients that can improve its overall health.

Natural ingredients are better for more than just your skin. Far too many chemicals are used in products designed for skin care and appearances these days. When you purchase these types of products, you support an industry that is contributing to ecological problems around the world. Choosing natural whenever possible demonstrates responsible consumerism.

2 – Hypoallergenic For Everyone

Whether you have sensitive skin or not, the last thing you want is a cosmetic product that causes redness or irritation. Sometimes, the effect may be so subtle that you do not notice it right away. However, daily wearing can leave your skin feeling less than is healthy best. Mineral makeup, on the other hand, does not contain any possible allergens in most cases.

After all, most of the things that people find irritating in other types of makeup are the unnatural chemicals, dyes, fragrances, and preservatives that mineral options do not need. Not only do some of these ingredients cause allergic reactions and irritation, they may not even do anything beneficial for the product at all.

3 – Binds to Skin Oils

The natural minerals used to create the products do not attract water and suck the moisture out of your skin. Instead, it binds to the oil and helps your complexion stay healthy and clear all day long. This makes powder more effective for those mid-day touch-ups in case you get a shiny nose.

Have you ever applied makeup in the morning only to have it "melt" or slide off your face by the end of the day? That happens when it contains oils and waxes of its own. You never have that problem with mineral finishing powder.

4 – Mineral Makeup Never Goes Bad

How much money have you wasted over the years by throwing out skin products you did not use before their shelf life ended? It is not only unpleasant to open foundation that has become a petri dish for bacteria or a clogged mascara bottle. It also can be quite dangerous for your sensitive skin and eyes. The last thing you want is to introduce an infection onto your skin, eyes, or mucus membranes.

The usable shelf life of mineral makeup can last an extremely long time because it does not have chemical or organic compounds that could go bad. Whether you choose mineral blush, eyeshadow, tonal correction powders, or other products, you can use them confidently tomorrow and next year.

5 – Provides SPF Coverage While Letting Skin Breathe

Every woman knows the importance of putting on sunscreen before applying cosmetics. Using a high enough SPF factor helps keep your facial skin healthy, even-toned, and can help protect you from skin cancer. While we advise you to use sunscreen appropriately in all ways, using mineral makeup actually provides SPF protection on its own.

Two of the most common natural ingredients – titanium dioxide and zinc oxide – act as natural sunscreens. Even though they block the harmful UV rays of the sun, they do not clog up your pores like other products. Covering skin completely with a greasy lotion does not allow it to "breathe." Of course, skin does not actually respirate. That term has to do with its access to the outside air. Your pores need the freedom to naturally exude skin oil, sweat, and toxins.

6 – Will Not Clog Pores or Cause Blemishes

One of the most important things a woman looks for when choosing what cosmetic products to buy is whether the product will clog pores and cause breakouts or not. Dermatologists have recommended avoidance of all makeup if you are prone to acne. However, you may not be ready to face the world with no makeup on especially if you do have blemishes.

Mineral-based cosmetic products offer an exceptional solution. They provide smooth coverage without clogging pores. Best of all, they are completely non-comedogenic, which means they do not cause blemishes. Of course, it is still important to remove all your makeup properly at the end of the day and wash with gentle cleansers instead of harsh soaps.

7 – Ultimately Versatile and Easy to Use

The wide variety of mineral makeup gives within a plethora of opportunity to create the look they want with ease. Unlike more traditional types, the power minerals are simple to apply smoothly, blend beautifully, and will not make unattractive lines or blotches on your face.

With all these benefits of mineral foundation, concealer, blush, eyeshadow, and more, why would you choose any other type of makeup? Mineral makeup has grown in popularity in recent years. Rather than just the latest beauty trend, however, it provide genuine benefits for the health of your skin. Better still, the cosmetics made from these all-natural ingredients make you look your very best every day without causing problems commonly associated with heavier, chemical-based formulas.