Blueberry Muffins and Silver Linings

Blueberry Muffins and Silver Linings

Although the shutdowns and remote learning are sometimes inconvenient, there are definitely silver linings.

I have more time with my kids. Think about that. It's precious and rare and fleeting. And I'm really enjoying it. And I'm really grateful.

My 15 year old son asked me if I could make homemade blueberry muffins for breakfast and I found myself smiling when I was able to say "yes I can."

When this is all over and things go back to "normal" - with everyone in our household running around 12 hours a day doing their respective school, work, social life, sports routine - I know I'm going to miss all this peaceful together time.

Try and focus on what's good today instead of what's bad. It isn't always easy to find the good in every situation, but, if you can manage it, it's a skill that will make your life that little bit brighter and full of joy.

Love and light to all of you!