​How Pink Concealers Work to Eliminate Dark Circles (Plus Fix Other Common Skin Issues)

​How Pink Concealers Work to Eliminate Dark Circles (Plus Fix Other Common Skin Issues)

You’d have a pretty hard time finding a woman that doesn’t use some sort of concealer in her beauty routine. Between dark circles, blemishes and blotchy skin tone, concealer can be one of the most important beauty products we reach for daily. But just because we’re all using it, doesn’t mean we are all using it the right way.

There are many shades of color correcting concealer to correct various skin issues. In this article, we’ll focus on the uses and application techniques for pink based concealer.


Here’s a few ways a pink concealer can be used to correct the most common skin problems.

1.  Brightener

A light pink, cream based concealer works wonders on counteracting sallow, dull skin. It can highlight, brighten and refresh when applied correctly to the inner and outer corners of the eyes. This is a Hollywood makeup artist secret for making clients look instantly younger and more awake.

2.  Complexion Corrector

Pink-hued concealers, correctors and primers help to soften unwanted olive tones.

3.  Dark Circle Eliminator

The opposite of pink is a bluish-green on the color wheel. So, if you have dark circles under your eyes, which tend to take on a bluish hue, in theory, pink should help to fade them away, right? The problem? Pink + blue = purple, so beware when using this shade. Instead, look for a pink corrector with a hint of warmth (orange/salmon) or one that works as a physical concealer (usually formulate with zinc oxide or titanium dioxide) as well as color corrector. (We love Sheer Miracle’s Wide Awake Dark Circle Concealer. It’s all natural, paraben free, cruelty free and made in the USA.)

4.  Makeup Primer

Does your eye shadow fade or come off during the day? Help it stay in place with a great primer. Because of concealer’s consistency, it works as a smooth, slip-free base for your eye shadow, plus it’ll help to make your shadow colors more vibrant by neutralizing your eyelid color first. Just remember, less is more. Applying too much concealer as an eye shadow base may cause your shadow to cake in the creases of your eyelids.


Application technique can make or break how well pink concealer works to mask dark circles and brighten the eye area.

Here’s how to apply to get a flawless, “I was born this way” finish.

  • Avoid Reverse Raccoon Eyes.  Pink concealer should only be applied on the inside and outside corners of eyes. Apply a cream based formula with a brush or your ring finger and pat (don’t smear or rub) to blend. Here’s a great tutorial on how to correctly apply a pink based concealer: Watch Video
  • Apply Under Foundation. There’s an age old debate about whether to apply concealer before or after foundation, but when applying pink concealer, we strongly suggest applying before. Pink based concealers tend to be lighter than skin tone and can give a whitening effect if worn over foundation or alone. Buffing in a mineral foundation over pink concealer will give a flawless, perfectly blended look. Or, for more coverage, you can apply an additional concealer that matches your skin tone directly over the pink concealer. Just pat it in to blend as to not move or smear the pink concealer.
  • Top with Loose Powder.  Especially under your eyes, loose powder over top of concealer helps to set it in place and goes one step further to even out skin tone. Simply use a translucent powder with a large, fluffy brush to sweep powder over the concealer.

Applied correctly pink concealer is ideal for brightening around the eye area and making tired eyes and dark circles magically disappear. Since pink is a great brightening agent, it also works well to give sallow, olive tones skin some much needed radiance. This multi-tasking hard worker can even double as an eye shadow primer. 

Why not give it a try? What have you got to lose except those dark circles?

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About the Author: Jane Pitte

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