Surviving Quarantine: This is temporary friends.

Surviving Quarantine: This is temporary friends.

In Quarantine.

That alone sounds so daunting, doesn’t it? The word by itself seems to send our minds into fight or flight mode and anxiety inevitably follows.

In general, I try hard not to stress about things I can’t control. For me, and for a while, I considered the coronavirus to be one of those things. Then it hit the US, and I still thought I was in control. 

And then all the sudden people started talking about it, and I started lashing out. I was short with my boyfriend, tired of my kids, and all my insecurities were coming out to play. I honestly felt like an entirely different person and had felt like I had no good excuse for it.

After a few days though, it suddenly occurred to me the kind of external influences I was absorbing.

See, I am an empath. Through and through. I’m like a sponge for emotion. And let’s be honest, the stresses of this world are a lot right now. There is a lot of fear out there. Guess what? There’s not a thing you and I can do about that. No one on earth right now has lived through something like this before. We are all just reacting. And people aren’t usually their best, when they’re reacting.

The good news is, there is something we CAN control. In the midst of it all, we are still in control of our own minds. I am not ashamed to admit that I have been doing regular empty out sessions. Because while I need to stay informed to keep my family safe, I also can not be the mom, homemaker or partner I need to be if I am carrying the weight of everyone else’s emotions. I have been losing myself in playtime with my babes, because the truth is, now is a good time to do that. They don’t know the stats, so relishing in their weightlessness is therapy in itself.

My point is, DO YOU. When you are feeling good, send that light and love into the world because it needs it. When you are feeling down, let yourself. And then go watch cute puppy videos or take a bath or do a face mask or play with your kids or make out with your partner or dress up and have a photo shoot or go for a run and blast your favorite song. Do whatever the hell makes you feel ALIVE and happy. Lose yourself in the moment. Then take some deep breaths, scream them out until you feel renewed. And start again.

This is temporary, friends. Whether it’s weeks or months, the absolute FACT is that it won’t last forever. At some point we’ll be looking back on this time and reminiscing. Hopefully about the way we came together, while separate. The way we loved our family’s harder. The way we rose up stronger and more grateful and more generous.

If you’re reading this, know that I’m sending light and love right now. Hoping for yours in return when I need it. We can take turns, so there’s no guilt here on the bad days.

We’ve got this, friends!

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