My Scottish Skin Sucks (a.k.a. Why I founded Sheer Miracle Mineral Makeup in 2004...)

My Scottish Skin Sucks (a.k.a. Why I founded Sheer Miracle Mineral Makeup in 2004...)

Simple is better. 

Sheer Miracle was born in 2004 after years of searching for makeup and skincare that didn't irritate my ULTRA-sensitive skin. I'd had it with irritation and breakouts and knew there must be a better way. 

I literally started by getting a few organic, natural ingredients and mixing them in my kitchen. My goal was to end up with recipes that had the fewest, pure, natural and organic ingredients that would still perform as well or better than the chemical laden store brands.  Minimalist skincare and makeup that would be as hypo-allergenic as possible.

By trial and error (and there were many failed attempts!) I ended up with simple, minimalist formulas that agreed with my fair, sensitive skin that would rash up, break out and revolt at the mere sight of over the counter, drug store brand makeup and skincare.

Ten years later, we've grown by leaps and bounds, but Sheer Miracle products are still made from scratch in small batches by real humans. From our natural {many organic} ingredients to our sustainable, recyclable packaging, we keep it simple and eco-friendly. 

Simple means our products are uber hypoallergenic. Fewer ingredients means less chance of allergic reaction - even on the most sensitive skin. 

Our line contains locally sourced, fair trade, ingredients and is made with love in the USA. We NEVER test on animals. 

I'm here to answer your questions. Email me at anytime!