Why Daily Sunscreen is Your Best Beauty Tool

Why Daily Sunscreen is Your Best Beauty Tool

While trendy skincare products come and go, there's one classic that should always be part of your routine: a quality sunscreen. This product, worn daily, has the power to do more than any other tool in your beauty box. Do you sometimes skip this essential? Read on to learn why it belongs on your face and body every day and not just beach days.

Unseen rays cause serious damage.

Many people wrongly believe that sunburns are what cause skin damage. However, this is not precisely true. There is a link between bad sunburns and sun-related skin issues later in life, but it's not entirely a direct one.

The sun's light is actually divided into two different kinds of harmful rays: long wave UVA rays and short wave UVBs.

About 95% of the rays that make it through our atmosphere are UVA rays. While less intense than UVB rays, these rays are the ones that your skin is exposed to more frequently.

UVB rays are more intense. They are the ones that cause sunburns when you are exposed. They also play a role in the development of skin cancer.

UVA rays, which you may not feel, play a strong role in skin aging and wrinkling. Because of the length of these rays, they penetrate deep into the dermis where they can do cellular damage. Damage from UV rays can cause:

  • wrinkles.
  • sagging and loss of skin elasticity.
  • sun spots.
  • rosacea.
  • spider veins.
  • skin cancer.

Who needs to wear sunscreen?

Sunscreen is for everyone, not just pale skinned folks who burn easily. Your skin is exposed to both UVA and UVB rays daily, even in the winter months. Winter exposure can actually be more harmful, since rays can bounce back up at you when reflected off snow.

Some people become concerned that they will not get the bone-health building vitamin D they need if they use sunscreen. However, you can fulfill your daily requirement of vitamin D with just five to thirty minutes of exposure just twice a week. Most of us get that in incidental exposure throughout the day.

How do you incorporate sunscreen into your routine?

The best way to ensure that you wear sunscreen every day is to make it part of your morning skincare routine. Look for moisturizers with sunscreen, for instance, to ensure that your skin is getting protected while you are locking in hydration. You can also pick a tinted sunscreen to use in place of foundation or look for one that is designed to be worn under makeup. Want to keep it simple, non-toxic and hypo-allergenic? Try a loose mineral foundation with SPF.

By adding sunscreen to your routine every day, you can reduce your reliance on firming creams and other anti-aging tools later on. Make it a habit now to preserve your skin's structure and keep it looking good for decades to come.

Has wearing daily sunscreen made a difference in your skin?  We'd love to see your pics and hear your comments.

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